About Us

 Welcome to joyfulgreeting!

Our team is filled with people from different countries assisting Third World Countries Development. We live with local people and often communicate with local people after work, including participating in local festivals and parties. As time passes by, they become our partners during our life in foreign countries, who lead us to explore the conditions and customs of local life.

Their life is not as rich and colorful as developed countries, but they still struggle for their own life with optimistic attitudes. During the party, we observe their expectations and blessings for their future life through dance, so we want to spread this kind of enthusiasm and special blessing to the whole world. Let the whole world know their power of dance as well as improve their local life.

All the benefits of the video will be used to build basic constructions and purchase modern equipment for local people, which will enhance their daily lives. These guys must be happy knowing that you are satisfied with their greetings.

We are so glad that all of you come to our website, discovering these optimistic guys. And we hope more and more people can know this kind of special greeting. If you don’t know how to bless your friends or families, come to joyfulgreeting. You will get one of the most specific greeting videos, just laugh loudly with them.

We hope our videos will bring happiness to everyone.

Thanks very much.